Ravi Khanna


Ravi Khanna was a well known actor in the late 1970's in New Delhi where he worked on Stage, Radio and TV and did VO's for Radio Ads and also some workshops at NSD. But then he went to New York for further studies in Journalism and later joined Voice of America Newsroom in Washington DC as South Asia Desk Editor and ended up as a senior TV producer and analyst. He left VOA and came to Mumbai in 2015 to fulfill his interrupted dream of doing acting in Bollywood movies. Since then he have done acting in 7 films including Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Omerta, Hell in India (US/Egyptian film) Muzaffar Nagar, Tutak Tutak Tutia, Devi (Tamil) and Abhinetri (Telugu). Also worked in several TV serials and Web serials.


Movie Name Release Date
Omerta Movie Free Download HD Cam April 20, 2018