What if being a hero was encoded in your genes?

And nobody told you?

Casmir Dabrowski would laugh if someone asked him that. After all, he had to build a robot to protect himself from bullies when he was in school.

Fortunately, life is a little better these days. He's an accomplished robotics engineer, a respected professor, and he almost never gets picked on in the lunchroom. But he's positive heroics are for other people.

Until robot assassins stride onto campus and try to kill him.

Forced to flee the work he loves and the only home he's ever known, Casmir catches the first ship into space, where he hopes to buy time to figure out who wants him dead and why. If he can't, he'll never be able to return home.

But he soon finds himself entangled with bounty hunters, mercenaries, and pirates, including the most feared criminal in the Star Kingdom: Captain Tenebris Rache.

Rache could snap his spine with one cybernetically enhanced finger, but he may be the only person with the answer Casmir desperately needs:

What in his genes is worth killing for?

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    Shockwave Reviews

  • Lynn

    An intriguing start to the series. Casmir is a mostly normal, nerdy guy next door except for the fact that he is incredibly smart and gifted with robots. His life is pretty normal until one day when k...

  • Marvelous Morgan

    I enjoyed the book and will definitely be reading the next one in the series.However, I don't think I would recommend as your first Lindsay Buroker book. She's one of my top 3 favorite authors so pers...

  • Frances Law

    The rise of an anti hero.Casmir is a nerd. He lives on a planet where no gene therapy or manipulation is allowed. Because of this he has had to live with genetic problems, including seizures, that cou...

  • Kelly

    *rubs hands together* Okay. A new adventure with bounty hunters, mercenaries (who could possibly be considered pirates), sweetly awkward professors who happen to be wicked smart, and genetically engin...

  • Cali

    3.5. I love Lindsay Buroker’s books, but lately it feels like every thing is over explained and too cheesy? I’m not really sure what’s different. Overall, Shockwave was pretty decent. It just do...

  • Barbara Comiskey

    Star Trek meets guardians of the Galaxy and the Rebel alliance.Nice characterization of all players. Casmir has great humor ala Han Solo and Kim is quite the Spock. Laser is a female version of Quill ...

  • subzero

    Thoroughly enjoyable tiny-novel. As always the characters are cute, interesting and slightly weird. ...

  • Kristy Maitz

    The start was pulling and interesting. Story plot was fun to read until Casmir Dabrowski met his clone brother or his twin. From that on I did not like the character Casmir Dabrowski presented....

  • margaret4


  • Veronica Reinhardt.e

    Fun ReadWell written, with interesting characters! Qin is essential to this story...a genetic mutation well suited to space and the conscience of Capt "Laser" Lopez. Without revealing anything, the tw...